150+ Age-Appropriate Activities for Children and Teens

Children of different ages playing with water fountains - age-appropriate activities

No matter how old our kids get, we’re always on the lookout for age appropriate activities to keep them entertained. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great family activities for all ages. In this post, I take a look at suitable activities for different age groups, grouped by: Infants Toddlers Preschoolers School age kids Young teens … Read more

What’s the Deal with LEGO Mr. Gold?

Hundreds of LEGO minifigures

Recent topic research unexpectedly led me to a fascinating saga: The tale of the Mr. Gold LEGO. His somewhat controversial story might be all-too-painfully familiar to ardent LEGO collectors. The world at large, however, hasn’t heard about Mr. Gold. Now, I’m taking it upon myself to share his tale. Buckle up! Mr. Gold LEGO: Origins … Read more

60+ Non-Crappy Drawing Prompts for Kids

Close-up of a child drawing with a pencil

…and a look at why using drawing prompts for kids is a smart idea. It’s rainy outside. Your city is in semi-lockdown due to a pandemic (imagine!). The kids have grown bored of their toys. You briefly consider giving up on your limited screen-time policy and turning on the TV…but you swear you’ll flip right … Read more

7 Epic Coop Games Like Pandemic (+18 Alternatives)

Games like Pandemic are a joy to play

Cooperative board games like Pandemic are a boon for families with kids. We’ve all seen our share of children getting upset or throwing tantrums after losing a game. While it’s generally a good idea to teach your child how to deal with losing, sometimes it helps to switch gears and break out a cooperative game … Read more

TIMIO Review: A Terrific Audio Player for the Little Ones

TIMIO Player, discs, and pouch

As much as we love our kids, there are times when we’ll do anything for a fleeting break from their endless questions. Enter TIMIO, a nifty little audio player filled to the brim with fun and educational content. In this TIMIO review, I’ll be having a look at the following: What TIMIO is and who it’s … Read more